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that delicious lamb meat

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That roasted lamb’s a delicacy
It’s parents would have made it with love
Well, they made love, hence the meat

And that exotic sauce on ’em for your taste buds
The chef should have made it with love
Well, he made love, hence the sauce



Written by gmaran23

October 6, 2016 at 5:56 pm


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This one was supposed to reflect so many things that are going on with the mankind today. Impetus was an intermittent and involuntary insomnia that ensued from responsibilities (read as tortures), restless heart syndrome. Try to relate to a man who is being squashed like a maggot, tossed around with responsibilities and opportunities, and he finds no time to breath, while he inhales and exhales, he doesn’t live. The whole mankind is going in a direction where there is no meaning could be sought out of someone’s life, well in that case, mankind doesn’t exist. Employers leeching on for cheap labors; plans and dreams get shatterred because of working on fulfilling somebody else’s day dream, 9-5 run of the mill job like a machine that runs the mill. Written back in May 2012 on a restless night. Here it is, rotandripe



With opportunities the mankind’s besieged

Plotted outcomes never achieved

Underpaid laborers  got leeched

In their minds remained deceased

Life fragmented prudent and wise

Indulging in Reluctant exercise

Forfeiting desires, what has been gained?

A fatigue soul, dazed and maimed

Mechanical way chosen to live

Realized to be addictive

Like gullible mule in turbulent maze

Bruised ego broken flowers in a haze



From the draft section:

With opportunities the Mankind’s besieged

Plotted outcomes Never achieved 

Mechanical way chosen to live

Realized later they are addictive

Yielding to the war with Tyranny

The oppression dealt In agony

Razor blades under neck Sailing further

Rays of hope falling Apart farther

Jaws hooked in bait So dubious

A sinister that seemingly obvious

Life gone fragmented Planned prudent and wise

Indulging oneself in Reluctant exercise

Like gullible mule in Turbulent maze

With bruised ego broken Flowers in vase 

Forfeiting the desires What has been gained?

A fatigue soul dazed And maimed

Sedated to eternity Slept in peace

Slept in peace Opportunities un-seized

Written by gmaran23

August 28, 2013 at 5:10 pm

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