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The love and trust affair

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December 1, 01.15 AM IST

I can’t express how much I love you these days
I wish it was it was only the sex, we had to haste
The moment I gave you a place in my heart
Every time we fought it ripped me to shrapnels apart

I don’t like anger, neither do you?
But I can’t control, the way I am, can you?
You don’t understand how much I love you
You have deep trust paranoia, sad but true

I threw away things that I ever cared for
You misunderstand me, you tell me to fuck off
Be careful next time what you say
Words that hurt, put me in ceaseless dismay

Hell, I can’t fucking count the number of stars
As my body, you left me with so many scars
You asked me to write a poem for you the times we met
Here I am, pouring down my feelings, I am now a whiskey’s pet

You think I am drunk, you think you can blame me
Well, I am slam dunk, you still can’t assume me
I am a man of duty, pride and honor
In love’s court, I plead not guilty your honor!

Past is past, and the past is done, can’t be undone
You can’t recover what’s been said and done
Either we live in the dark, worrying about shattered dreams
Or start a new life spark, with new joyful schemes

I sorry I can’t be like your father or him
I am me! It’s our ego, we both need to trim
At least I have the to courtesy to accept my mistakes
If you confide in me, I don’t have to say you manipulate

Where there is anger, there is intense love
Its fear you monger, allow me to exalt you above
Remember, you used to ask me, "Who am I to you?!"
You realize now, how desperately I am the one who needs you?!

No matter what happens, we are family, we never leave the house
We stick together through our bitterly woes, my spouse
They say two same poles repel each other
We two similar souls, I wonder, can we propel together?

I know, I should learn to treat you better
I am learning, trying hard, and I never regretted
Seems like true care and affection are hard to come by
I happen to think, in my mind they are naturally imbibed

I don’t boast, I am the best you will ever get
I wanna be your dawn to dusk from the sun rise to set
What about my dreams of having kids with you?
You wanna give up, Damn, I thought you thought so too.

Hey baby, don’t you worry, what are you afraid of?
When you have our love to be proud of?!
It’s our life, we gotta live for ourselves
But at first, You gotta start believing in thyself

If I lived for people that will say whatever they say?!
Fuck the society, every fucking dog has its fucking day
You suffer people bitch; you live well, people still bitch
Think, do we have to be their bitch, you bitch?

Baby, I cry when your face strikes my mind
Like it rains, when lightning strikes, so the sky whined
You probably got the same feelings like I do
I object, your claims that you love me more than I do

End of day, it boils down to whether you marry me or not
What will I do, if I don’t tie you the knot?
I gotta ask your parents, how they made you so hot
Especially in bed, when you bring all your naught

You weren’t brought up like me, I will do my best
But, when I am off the edge, you gotta learn to adjust
My mom, your mom, my father, your father
They don’t matter to me anymore as they are farther

I am tired of people around you bleeding you dry
When you run out of money, guess what? They sigh
All our dreams comes don’t come true like in a story book
In real life, you gotta little bit broaden your outlook

I get angry cause it’s about your wellbeing I care
Don’t you question my love and trust, don’t you dare!
I recon I have to be an even kinder man
Or what’s the difference between me and a garbage can?

It’s the love we need to cherish
Not the arguments that will let us perish
None of my words here are meant to piss you
You don’t trust me? hah! I still miss you

It’s surprising that I let another girl become my priority
Sometimes I feel I loaned myself some hypocrisy
Like I don’t follow what I preach
Then I realize, it’s my code, I breached

My love is pure like the orgasm we have, you know it
Thank you for loving me back, to you I owe it
I can’t hold on to my leash when you are naked
Our sexual hormones we unleash, we become sacred

We always fight about our possessiveness, and forgiveness
But now you starting to question my trust, my highness?
I am sitting here thinking about the taint spew on my trust
Labelling me to be stingy and causing unrest

You think its money after all to me that’s important
Let alone my compassion, let it lay dormant
You think I don’t trust you for the loan money
It’s funny, retrospect, is that all you understand me, my honey?

Who should you give money or not? Wishing well for you is my fault?!
When you finger it as my shortcoming and start an assault
My actions may be frenzy, do you fail to see my intentions?
I don’t give up, though I am fed up of these tensions!

The day we give up, our family dies
Worse than a corpse fed by maggot flies
It’s our relationship, we respect
If we are true, ain’t no room for suspect

There is nothing wrong in saving for oneself and being selfish
Though I don’t mean we become scavenger fetish
It’s time we start saving for our marriage
And correct the abortion and all the papaya miscarriage

You like a flower that is soft to even fondly touch
Am I a gardener, not qualified to owe you as such?
I don’t want you be my next failed episode
Hence I write you and dedicate my profound ode

Tit for tat, ain’t gonna make our bonding work
I bash, many times I know I too can be too curt
Will I ever get another partner like you miss?
I still beg you pardon I promise

I know I hurt you too, that’s why I said I am a hypocrite
I want to apologize too, and express my plight
I pretty much had to say what I had in mind
In time you will comprehend the true meaning of my rhyme




Written by gmaran23

December 1, 2016 at 1:16 am

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that delicious lamb meat

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That roasted lamb’s a delicacy
It’s parents would have made it with love
Well, they made love, hence the meat

And that exotic sauce on ’em for your taste buds
The chef should have made it with love
Well, he made love, hence the sauce


Written by gmaran23

October 6, 2016 at 5:56 pm


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This one was supposed to reflect so many things that are going on with the mankind today. Impetus was an intermittent and involuntary insomnia that ensued from responsibilities (read as tortures), restless heart syndrome. Try to relate to a man who is being squashed like a maggot, tossed around with responsibilities and opportunities, and he finds no time to breath, while he inhales and exhales, he doesn’t live. The whole mankind is going in a direction where there is no meaning could be sought out of someone’s life, well in that case, mankind doesn’t exist. Employers leeching on for cheap labors; plans and dreams get shatterred because of working on fulfilling somebody else’s day dream, 9-5 run of the mill job like a machine that runs the mill. Written back in May 2012 on a restless night. Here it is, rotandripe



With opportunities the mankind’s besieged

Plotted outcomes never achieved

Underpaid laborers  got leeched

In their minds remained deceased

Life fragmented prudent and wise

Indulging in Reluctant exercise

Forfeiting desires, what has been gained?

A fatigue soul, dazed and maimed

Mechanical way chosen to live

Realized to be addictive

Like gullible mule in turbulent maze

Bruised ego broken flowers in a haze



From the draft section:

With opportunities the Mankind’s besieged

Plotted outcomes Never achieved 

Mechanical way chosen to live

Realized later they are addictive

Yielding to the war with Tyranny

The oppression dealt In agony

Razor blades under neck Sailing further

Rays of hope falling Apart farther

Jaws hooked in bait So dubious

A sinister that seemingly obvious

Life gone fragmented Planned prudent and wise

Indulging oneself in Reluctant exercise

Like gullible mule in Turbulent maze

With bruised ego broken Flowers in vase 

Forfeiting the desires What has been gained?

A fatigue soul dazed And maimed

Sedated to eternity Slept in peace

Slept in peace Opportunities un-seized

Written by gmaran23

August 28, 2013 at 5:10 pm

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everybody’s born, is there a difference?

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A rather too nihilistic discernment.


Everybody’s born, is there a difference?

In a broad generalization,
Some babies are genetically engineered,
Some babies are planned, conceived and born,
Some babies are residues of passionate love making,
Some babies are the cursed artifacts of filthy unprotected sex!




you might also find crowd-cattle-and-breed-rate and infant-sorrow-by-william-blake interesting.

Written by gmaran23

March 28, 2013 at 12:59 am

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She’s your own

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Written back in mid June 2012 and performed live on July 2012 at a Social Impact Volunteers’ Day. This one goes to all those poor souls that are in sex trade. Inspired by The Flock, I know who killed me, Taken, Nirvana’s Polly, Seether’s Love her, Bob Seger’s Turn the page, Neil Young’s Keep on rocking in the free world, and here comes rotandripe’s she’s your own. I wish I could direct a music video.



On dark streets played her nights
Roaming in despair cursing her life

Dancing for loony tunes
Sometimes she earned only fumes

Bearing scars under her clothes
Couldn’t confide insults she loathed

There she goes, lost her soul
When I asked, she said ‘I am sold’

Neither she liked, she got used
Learned to scrape by, her angst reduced

Always broke, she got torn again,
Society never gave her a second chance

Victim of brutality she wept alone,
When you paid she’s your own

There she goes, deprived of her soul
When I asked, she said ‘I am sold’

She did it for money,
    her choice,
Lone and Self company,
    she rejoiced

Had nothing to feed her
    kid dinner,
No one to care her,
    Was she the sinner?

There she goes, cries and howls
Hung herself, Death took its toll



Written by gmaran23

March 27, 2013 at 11:43 pm

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Normality is sobriety | Destroy the Monotony

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Normality is sobriety,
Sobriety is superstition,
Superstition is God,
God is an abstraction.

Abstraction is a hypothesis,
Hypothesis is often a fallacy,
Fallacy is contagious,
Contagious needs extermination.

Extermination is mortal.

Immortality will be an illusion today, tomorrow and forever,
Until the human stupidity is eradicated.




might sound skeptical, idiotic, and meaningless for those that don’t share the vibe of the poem. might not even sound relevant or rational to someone. might even sound pointless to some others. But that’s the point!

Written by gmaran23

March 13, 2013 at 6:34 pm

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crowd, cattle, and breed rate

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At work, or on your way to work;

at school, being in such a clan is so cool;

the indispensable part of social unions;

not so long ago, touched many billions.

Everyplace your eyes may see,

rampage resembles a cattle feed.

The sanctity inherent in their creed,

couldn’t control rate at which they breed.



from a crowd despising (sic) man.


Put a cap on it! – or just Pull it out! before we surpass the mass of the earth.

Written by gmaran23

January 10, 2013 at 12:32 am

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for all you corporate bureaucrats..

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for all you corporate bureaucrats, ask yourself – Isn’t the word “multitasking” invented for computers and such machines?!

Get a life, before you mow somebody’s life down. Get a dose of sanity shot here –

The magic of doing one thing at a time –

Written by gmaran23

January 4, 2013 at 10:33 pm

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“Man who asks for dowry – is a sterile male – and that is he’s fucking impotent!”. Period!

Written by gmaran23

January 4, 2013 at 9:32 pm

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