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Troubleshooting Remote VPN and Internet access at the same time

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Issue: When connected to Remote Access VPN, internet cannot be reached because of IP routing conflicts

Solution: Enable Split Tunneling for the VPN connection, and add routing for the IP addresses on the device


On a Windows 10, When Remote VPN is connected, internet disconnects. Let’s say, is an IP address on the VPN. In the screenshot below, when internet is connected, pings, however doesn’t ping. Expected behavior because we are not connected to VPN yet.



When Remote VPN connectivity is established, the internet goes off, and the VPN machine starts pinging.


So, that’s the issue.


Step 1:

Disconnect the VPN.

Open Windows Powershell, and type in the command to enable Split Tunneling for the VPN connection.

Set-VpnConnection  -Name “TheVPNConnectionName” –SplitTunneling $True –PassThru



If VPN connectivity is attempted now, after the Split Tunneling change, notice the internet works, however VPN machine cannot be reached.



Step 2:

Add a persistent route for the destination.

We need four things to add a permanent route:

  1. The destination IP address [Eg:]
  2. Subnet mask [Eg:]
  3. Destination gateway [Eg:]
  4. VPN network interface id (route print command, and identify the Interface ID of the VPN connection)

[Eg: In the example below, the Interface Number for the VPN connection is 69]



Open a command prompt with Elevated Privileges, and type in the below command to add a permanent route to the destination IP address. For more IP addresses, repeat the command by changing the destination IP address.


route add –p MASK IF 69


Now, internet connectivity works as expected. If there is a request for IP address which is on the VPN, then the route would go through the VPN interface.


That’s it.


Written by gmaran23

February 21, 2017 at 3:32 pm

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