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Creating a virtual machine in Schuberg Phillis Cosmic Client / Apache Cloudstack for the first time

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Let’s say you want to create a virtual machine with Apache Cloudstack or an IAAS provider like SchubergPhilis that has a Apache Cloud Stack based client called Cosmic Client. Follow the instructions below:

I am not going to explain in words, but the pictures below, point you to places you need to click and edit. If any of the settings below don’t work, chances are that you might have chosen an incorrect VPC, Tier, offering, feel free to reach our to your cloud provider for assistance.


1. Let’s start by adding a VPC, that is a Virtual Private Cloud.


2. Give it a Name, Choose a Zone, Super CIDR (the subnet range within the Virtual Private Cloud), and a VPC offering as advised by your cloud provider.



3. Once the VPC is created, click on Create network to Add new tier.
Give it a Name, Choose a network offering, provide the gateway address, a subnet mask.



4. Once the Tier is created, Click on the Virtual Machines, to add a new VM.


5. Next screen, click on Add Instance


6. Select a zone. Choose either ISO or Template. Choose ISO, if you would like to use an ISO image as bootable media and install the Operating System yourself. Choose Template, if you would like to choose from preinstalled Operating System VM templates.

We are going to choose ISO for this example.


7. Choose an ISO image.


8. Choose the amount of RAM, CPU from the available offerings.


9. Choose the required HDD size.




11. Give an IP address for this machine




13. Give a hostname and hit Launch VM


14. Once the VM is created, Click the View Console icon to access the running VM


15. Your VM is ready, you can start installing and perform the required work.



In case you get any Network Errors during the creation of VPC, or Tiers, ask your IAAS Cloud provider for assistance.


Written by gmaran23

February 21, 2017 at 4:37 pm

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