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Sql Injection testing for QA (testers)

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This video is for anyone that likes to know how to test an application for Sql Injection. The content and presentation was focussed on Quality Assurance personnel who are not penetration testers.

Context setting
Quick introduction –
Browser addons for easy proxy switching
Intercepting proxies – Fiddler, OWASP ZAP, BurpSuite, ..?
Fuzzing and identifying vulnerable parameters
Code review pointers for Buddy testing
Demonstration Fiddler, ZAP, sqlmap, Sql Inject Me
Firsthand experience with Sqli tools (Vijay/Shashank)


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Foxy Proxy

Chrome extension (open from chrome browser) –

Firefox Extenstion (open from Firefox) –




active python

Mantra browser


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May 9, 2014 at 10:39 pm

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