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Gimmick free Fuck from Google translate

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I have been working on a Dutch software for quite sometime now. A few of those source code translation worries lead to write TranslateMaid for Visual Studio. However on a day to day basis, we spend a lot of time on the web pages and documents. is always open at one of our browser tabs.

All of a sudden one day when we tried to translate Resterend budget per afdeling what we got is Rest Fuck budget per department. See it for yourself below. I don’t really know where the Rest Fuck came from. Some developer put in in there or the translation service was perplexed by itself.




However the Microsoft translator service was pretty ingenue in this case. It actually gave the correct translation.


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Written by gmaran23

March 13, 2014 at 10:28 pm

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  1. […] You may also like Gimmick free Fuck from Google translate. […]

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