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Show IE’s File – New Session some love

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Guess what? You do not need multiple browsers an IE, a Firefox, a Chrome, when you want to open three different yahoo/facebook/gmail or any different sessions. Internet Explorer starting Internet Explorer 8 supports New Session feature out of the box, whereas in other browsers you would need to pimp for third party plugins/addins to achieve the same thing.

Somehow this feature was not marketed properly to the developer community and I guess the reason was the surge in Chrome’s market share – when IE 8 was released back in 2008, Chrome was a ruthless rookie to the browser wars boasting speed by all means, and Internet Explorer started to decline.

Name it InPrivate browsing, Incognito, Private Browsing – they all do one common thing. Forget the existence of anything that existed before the start of a browsing session ( and forget the existence of anything that existed in particular the browsing session, after it has ended ).

Here, the word session could relate to the session state phenomena (with cookies), sometimes browser history, and temp files and all other flossy stuff that browser manufactures use to track this and that. So there you have it, you could have multiple sessions via the concept of private browsing.


When you have IE, if you do not want in private browsing, all you have to do is go to File menu and hit New session



From a developers and testers perspective, this is a silver bullet solution with just one browser – Internet Explorer, if faced with a scenario where a website uses session state (which is almost all the time), and you would want to open multiple users at the same time.

Make a shortcut on your desktop, start menu, pin it with the Command line:

iexplore.exe –nosessionmerging

Put a –private next to it if you want to open in IE InPrivate browsing.

Chrome, Firefox users evaluate your options here, here (Session Buddy), and here (Multifox). In the future, I will post about session fixation.


Written by gmaran23

November 8, 2013 at 9:08 pm

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