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TranslateMaid – Translate text right inside Visual Studio

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Working on a foreign language Code base in Visual Studio? Try TranslateMaid for Visual Studio. – Download, install with a few clicks, see translated text right within Visual Studio.


With the release of Internet Explorer 8, Microsoft introduced Accelerators, and one of the accelerators were ‘Translate with Bing’. TranslateMaid.TryTranslate uses the same Microsoft Translator Preview Service.

I don’t know why I like IE, but sometimes it is just so hard to break a habit. While Chrome offers you a feature to translate the entire webpage, IE also allows you to translate just a selected text. I was thinking about bringing the same interface inside Visual Studio, and I pretty much achieved it. I had a tough time switching between a translator and visual studio understanding a lot of Dutch comments.

If you have some comments in your project files, I hope now you could save a couple of seconds switching between Google translate and Visual Studio.


1. Source Language is Auto Detected.
2. After the Translator window opens, you could convert the translated text to a variety of other languages.
3. Adds buttons to the Tools menu and Code Window’s context menu.
4. Keyboard Shortcuts enabled Ctrl+`, and more. Full documentation here.


Try it. Pass it on. If you are curious about how it’s done, feel free to look through the source code at CodePlex. Tested thoroughly with VS 2012, VS2010, VS 2008 (inclusive of Business Intelligence Development Studio) on Windows 7 x64, and Windows Vista x86, but guaranteed to work with other versions of Windows as well.

If there is another version of this add-in, it might support an Options dialog with transparency control when the translation is shown, choice to switch between Google and Microsoft Translator Service. If you stumble on any bugs, bring to my attention.


What did it take to complete?

1. A Fiddler trace while IE is running that yielded me

2. Visual Studio’s Addin template for the starters.

3. Classic WinForms tricks, and the interesting Mouse Hook in C#.

4. Extensive articles, code samples from  

5. and some long nights..

Spread the joy Winking smile Develop some apps, Make the world a better place Winking smile


Written by gmaran23

August 30, 2013 at 4:40 pm

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