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Enable hibernation in Windows 7

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Just got a new Windows 7 PC at office, and I was trying to enable hibernation for me and couple of other team members. Like a pro, I opened a command prompt as Administrator and typed in powercfg –hibernate on (where?).  Seemed like that worked, but nothing happened on the Shut down options at the Start menu.

One of my colleague pitched in and said, you have to change one more setting in the Power Options dialog. Having had enough acquaintance with the Power Options dialog, I was looking for a straight forward option to enable hibernation in Windows 7 (like how it was in Windows XP), but in vain. Again, with some help, located it at the screenshot below.

Power Options –> Change Power Settings –> Change advanced power settings –> Sleep –> Allow hybrid sleep –> Off


I think I did the same thing on Windows Vista a couple of years back to enable hibernation, but I can’t remember.

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June 14, 2013 at 12:14 pm

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