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She’s your own

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Written back in mid June 2012 and performed live on July 2012 at a Social Impact Volunteers’ Day. This one goes to all those poor souls that are in sex trade. Inspired by The Flock, I know who killed me, Taken, Nirvana’s Polly, Seether’s Love her, Bob Seger’s Turn the page, Neil Young’s Keep on rocking in the free world, and here comes rotandripe’s she’s your own. I wish I could direct a music video.



On dark streets played her nights
Roaming in despair cursing her life

Dancing for loony tunes
Sometimes she earned only fumes

Bearing scars under her clothes
Couldn’t confide insults she loathed

There she goes, lost her soul
When I asked, she said ‘I am sold’

Neither she liked, she got used
Learned to scrape by, her angst reduced

Always broke, she got torn again,
Society never gave her a second chance

Victim of brutality she wept alone,
When you paid she’s your own

There she goes, deprived of her soul
When I asked, she said ‘I am sold’

She did it for money,
    her choice,
Lone and Self company,
    she rejoiced

Had nothing to feed her
    kid dinner,
No one to care her,
    Was she the sinner?

There she goes, cries and howls
Hung herself, Death took its toll




Written by gmaran23

March 27, 2013 at 11:43 pm

Posted in literature, poems, rage

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